Three True Things

So I’ve been cleaning out my inbox this week. Because I’d let thousands of messages accumulate. It’s embarrassing. You can totally judge me if you want. Most of them were daily alerts or advertisements or articles I’d earmarked to read later. But still. 

In the process, I came across this short email I’d sent myself. Because that’s a thing people do. I was recounting an experience walking my dog Edie on the trail that I didn’t want to forget. But I had forgotten it. I found myself really grateful to be reminded. So…yay email and over-stuffed inboxes, I guess. 

I wrote about hearing a condemning voice echoing in my head as I was posting a Psalm for the day. The voice said simply, “you are nothing.” It didn’t stutter. It didn't mince words.

I wrote about my instinctive response. Which was to bow in agreement, assenting my worthlessness. But then I felt a pause. I remember it now. And in that breath, God reminded me. 

Reminded me that I am a chosen child of God. That I am a mother in the church. That I am powerful.

I told the voice of darkness, “you are right to fear me.” 

And I just want to say that the same is true for you. You are chosen and loved. You matter. You are more powerful than you know. You have the same well of courage and strength inside you. Walk in it. With kindness and grace. With your head held high and your shoulders back and a little smile on your face. It matters. There’s work to be done and battles worth fighting.

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash