"Terra is an incredible pastor, teacher, and spiritual director. She is full of wisdom and perspective. She bears witness to my life, creates a space to listen to the Holy Spirit together, and reflects the kindness of God. Terra has journeyed with me for 3 years, and I am so thankful for the numerous, significant ways she has spoken into my life.” —SG

"I’ve been meeting with Terra for over a year and each time has been refreshing and helped me on my spiritual journey. I’m a mom of three little kids and spiritual direction has helped me to take a moment and reflect which is so helpful because I don’t get a lot of that otherwise! I’ve been able to step back and see where God is moving in my life and also be encouraged and reminded of truth. Spiritual direction is a beautiful way to connect with and hear from God.” —LT

"I wasn't really sure what to expect out of a Spiritual Director or what was really involved, but what I found was an open space share my thoughts, my fears, frustrations, my hopes, dreams and most importantly my questions with out fear of judgment. A nurturing space was cultivated and provided where God’s spirit was invited, where Terra guided me to hear and listen and continue to find ways to be open to God’s leading.” —RR