The world seems noisier and more chaotic than ever these days. It’s harder for most of us to find moments to pause and breathe—to truly unplug. Harder to find safe places to surface questions and hopes and joys and fears.

Spiritual direction is about creating space for all that. It’s a chance to pay attention to what gives you life as well as what drains it from you. It’s about living more fully into the wholeness and dignity for which each of us are made. Spiritual direction is about cultivating deeper connectedness to your truest self and tuning into the movements of God and goodness in and around you. It’s an ancient contemplative practice that I’m thankful is being rediscovered and revitalized in our time.

My role as a spiritual director is not to be an expert who has all the right answers. Rather, it’s to be a support, resource, and fellow traveler. It’s to host a space for us to listen together for the Spirit’s gifts and invitations in this season of your journey. Sometimes these end up being hidden in plain sight within the details of everyday life. Other times they emerge more slowly over time. Either way, spiritual direction can enrich your ability listen to the voices of freedom and goodness and live into them more fully.